To Christian Parents

“We will love our neighbors by sharing with them the convicting, offensive, glorious, miraculous truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And the world will hate us for it. And we will be persecuted as we desire to live godly lives – some of which will come from those who claim the name of Christ….”

(David Morrill) Do not heed my words because I am without sin. Hate me if you want to, but heed my words because they are true.

Brothers and Sisters – did we learn nothing from the past three years? Do you honestly think that we can simply return to the status quo of nominal cultural Christianity and its non-aggression pact with the world? How do we think our country and our culture got to a place where we are desperately defending our Christian safe spaces, and our supposedly Christian congregations never returned after we reopened our churches? Do you think that God is honored because we are able to keep kids from having gay pride celebrations in Christian schools, or that we will spare our families from persecution by laying low and compromising to avoid offending a world that hates our Savior? View article →


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