Ruslan Joins Joel Osteen, NAR False Prophets for ‘Prosperity & Wealth’ SCAM!

“This entire event is one big red flag on every level possible, and now Ruslan is right in there along with this, joining with these hucksters and money grubbers for a truly wretched event. We are not asserting that he agrees with all of this- maybe he does and maybe he doesn’t- but the lack of discernment involved to find himself among them is truly breathtaking, and shows how unqualified he really is.”

(Protestia) Christian YouTube creator Ruslan KD, who we’ve clashed with in the past for giving passes to Modalists like Marcus Rogersdoubling down on dissing us over a John MacArthur/Julie Roys article and generally acting as an arrogant gatekeeping elitist, has joined up with arch-heretic Joel Osteen and the who’s who of New Apostolic Reformation prophets for a 31 Day Wisdom Challenge, being one of the speakers for an event designed to promote health, wealth, and other prosperity, all done in a completely scammy way.

The program, which has a supposed value of “$995.00,” offers “mentoring” and “personal insights and revelation from influential leaders making Massive Kingdom Impact in the areas of Business, Ministry, Hollywood, Social Media, Government, and more. (Editor’s Note. Seven Mountain Mandate) View article →



Word of Faith/Prosperity Gospel

New Apostolic Reformation/Dominionism


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