SBTS Dean, Hershael York, Reveals Unbiblical *Nuanced* Mindset Behind Restoring Adulterous Pastors

“At this point in the argument, York decides to throw his theological truck into a four-wheel drive and vault headlong into the ditch of eisegesis, giving his own opinion on the matter without any regard for what the scripture definitively and directly says about the issue….”

(Paul Brown) The recent restoration of Pastor Johnny Hunt by a group of four pastors after a brief six-month hiatus from ministry has reignited discussions amongst evangelicals in regard to the issue of pastoral disqualification, including questions about what sins would disqualify a pastor from ministry and the question of whether a pastor who is removed from the pastorate for the sin of adultery should ever be restored to the pulpit.

Pastor Emeritus of FBC Woodstock, Hunt was either involved in a “brief, improper encounter” with a woman who was not his wife (Johnny’s account), or the aggressor in a sexual assault against a family friend more than a decade ago. Either account is clearly a disqualifying event for a pastor, and as a result of the story becoming public, Hunt was formally suspended from FBC Woodstock in June of 2022, prior to the recent restoration. View article →



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