Shocking Brand New Research – Testosterone in Total Freefall, May Account for Explosion in Transgenderism

“Assuming that the Public Health™ authorities at the NIH or the FDA or the CDC actually concern themselves with health, the natural question arises: why are they seemingly doing nothing about this rapidly worsening problem?  Why the radio silence?”

(Ben Bartee – PJ Media) The left celebrates the trend while the right laments it, but what everyone can agree upon is that rates of transgenderism have exploded in the past decade.

“About 42,000 U.S. children ages 6 to 17 were diagnosed with gender dysphoria in 2021, nearly triple the number in 2017,” Reuters reports. A tripling in transgenderism should shock any honest public policy analyst and beg for intense scrutiny.

Many cultural critics and behavioral scientists have postulated that there is a notable “social contagion” element to the trend — in which children are conditioned through public school indoctrination and social/corporate media to assume “transgender” identities for greater social status. Certainly, there is extensive evidence to back up this theory, especially for girls who are more sensitive to social pressures.

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