Mark Driscoll Releases E-book on Sex that Describes in Graphic Detail Various Sex Acts

This is for real. The man has no shame. No sense of decency. Rom 16:17-18 certainly applies to “pastor” Driscoll.

(The Dissenter) Mark Driscoll was once a prominent figure in the religious community, known for his edgy, aggressive sermons and punk-inspired worship services. However, his penchant for inappropriate language and disturbing behavior ultimately led to his downfall. In 2014, Driscoll was embroiled in a scandal involving emotional and spiritual abuse of his followers, plagiarism, and financial misconduct. These heinous actions caused his empire to crumble, and he was forced to face the consequences of his actions.

Despite the severity of his misdeeds, Driscoll was able to regain his position of power and influence with the help of his accomplice, James MacDonald. The two of them worked together to sweep the scandal under the rug, allowing Driscoll to re-establish himself at a new church in Phoenix, Arizona called Trinity. In a desperate attempt to boost attendance, this so-called “church” resort to using cheap tricks like “swimsuit Sunday” to lure in unsuspecting attendees. It is a shameful display of greed and manipulation, and it is a testament to Driscoll’s character that he would stoop to such tactics in order to regain his former glory. View article →


Mark Driscoll

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