13 Big Predictions for 2023

(Theodore Rosevelt Malloch – American Greatness) Hold on to your seat. But, please, don’t take any of this so literally that you bank on it or sell all of your possessions and move to the top of a mountain to wait in vain for some finale.

Truth is, I am not Nostradamus and I have no crystal ball. I did, however, get paid big bucks heading up consulting at Wharton Econometrics, where I was asked to “invent the future” for corporate strategy clients.

So, I thought I would conjure up a special set of predictions for American Greatness readers about what might be coming in 2023. You won’t get this from the three-letter government agencies who are so one-sided nowadays, or from any of our proliferating enemies or frenemies, for that matter.

These predictions are based on analysis and perspective guided by trends. The context is late-stage secularism and decadent crony capitalism, where wokeism is the default ideology.

The year ahead will provide plenty of intrigue, controversy, volatility, and danger. The pundits are all focused on the fall of Trump—which won’t exactly happen—but there are lots of other traps and challenges galore.

Here then, from my strategist-scholar-diplomat perch, is a list of the things that I predict for the year ahead. Some are commonsensical and others . . . well, quite out of this world. View article →


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