After Asbury Revival Leaves Campus for Non-Existent ‘New Location’, Attendance and Interest Collapses

“One Christian group, The Pulse*, wanting to capitalize on the spirit of Asbury, rented out Rupp Arena on Sunday, advertising a revival from 2 pm-11 pm to have a time of “repentance, testimonies, scripture, and worship” that was not in any way officially associated with the university.”

(Protestia) For twelve days, tens of thousands of revival chasers from around the world descended on the small city of Wilmore, KY, to experience firsthand the so-called ‘Asbury Revival.’ Supporters called this the next big thing, claiming it would sweep across America like other historical revivals and set the world on fire as they scrambled to occupy the now iconic Hughes Auditorium.

Things got so frenetic that as the city’s population swelled five times its normal size with visitors, the university imposed a time limit for attendees to be in the hall. Visitors gathered in multiple outbuildings and lined up for blocks to enter. Some reports detailed cars backed up for miles seeking to enter the town, bursting the city at the seams. View article →


*The Pulse & Nick Hall – Unfamiliar with Nick Hall?  Hall has been called “this generation’s Billy Graham.” He once said unity means laying aside our differences. Who is the man behind the curtain?

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