We should help young people experience how the promises God offers them far surpass the false promises of witchcraft and ungodly spirits.

“More and more popular entertainers make reference to occult symbols, practices, and themes. The culture, in general, is moving further toward a sense of nihilism that borders on the demonic. In some circles, it’s considered “woke” to be a witch. Reading tarot cards, consulting psychics, and playing with crystals are in. Thus, we can’t afford to be naive.”  

(Stephen Adubato – The Federalist) In a recent New York Times editorial, Ross Douthat called into question the naive, materialist readings of the new statue of a female pagan deity that was installed outside the New York courthouse….

To those who think experimenting with “magic” and “spirituality” is a mere form of “playacting,” he warns of certain dangers that are “skated over in a lot of American spirituality,” urging people who think the statue is a mere ode to female empowerment to be “really careful in your openness and not just taking the beneficence of the metaphysical realm for granted.”

As someone who dabbled in witchcraft as a teen and has since “seen the light,” I found that Douthat’s words resonated deeply. I wonder how my own path may have turned out differently had I read his piece 20 years ago. View article →


Going Against God ‘Just for Fun’



Roman Catholicism – the author of this piece is a Roman Catholic


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