The Astonishing Case of The Lockdown Files

“They call into question much of the reasoning for months of national lockdowns and other restrictions on daily life in Britain, including social distancing, face masks, and the closure of schools.”

(Mary Dowling – Independent Sentinel) The Telegraph UK published revelations based on over 100,000 leaked WhatsApp messages from Matt Hancock, the former health secretary, and other ministers and officials. They are dubbed The Lockdown Files.

The Lockdown Files were published in the interest of openness, transparency, and accountability since it was a matter of life and death. It caused the deaths of people in care homes, led to suicides, deprived a generation of children of their education, and destroyed businesses.

I think he [Matt Hancock] has a massive role to play and I think he has blood on his hands. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, and I think there should be prosecutions.

Dr. Renee Hoenderkamp, NHS GP and Broadcaster

People killed themselves in the UK at the rate of 185 a week. The government deliberately terrorized the people. It happened in the US, ask Dr. Atlas, but the media doesn’t care to report it. Watch the video on the link. View article →



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