Laying It On Thick: Trump to Be Charged With 34 Felonies

(Robert Spencer – PJ Media) Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has apparently decided that as long as he is going to drive us into banana republic territory, he might as well put the pedal to the metal: he is reportedly planning to charge Donald Trump with not one, but 34, felonies. He has the flimsiest of cases, but it’s clear that the Leftist elites are not buying the widespread claims that this bogus arrest will hand the White House to Trump on a platter in 2024, and have opted to go all-out.

Whoever is behind Bragg’s reckless and destructive persecution of Trump is apparently calculating that the prospect of a presidential candidate battling such a long list of felony charges will give distracted and indifferent voters the impression that Trump must have committed some terrible crime and frighten them away. There has never before been a presidential candidate under indictment, and Democrats appear to be banking on the proposition that most Americans are still unaware that the old republic has passed away and that the criminal might not be the one who is indicted, but the one doing the indicting. That would explain why Alvin Bragg appears to be cheerfully indifferent to the appearance of conducting a corrupt, politicized prosecution designed to take out the chief opponent of the ruling regime. View article →



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