Rosaria Butterfield Publicly Repents of Using Preferred Pronouns, Urges Others to do the Same

“Butterfield…had previously advocated for the use of such pronouns, but now acknowledges that it was sinful. In a statement, she said that using transgender pronouns was a sin against the ninth commandment, the creation ordinance, and image-bearing. She also stated that it discouraged progressive sanctification, falsified the gospel, cheapened redemption, and failed to love her neighbor.”

(The Dissenter) Rosaria Butterfield has been a vocal voice over the years in Evangelicalism as she, a former practicing lesbian, has been outspoken in Christian circles about biblical sexual ethics. Butterfield made a name for herself with her book, The Gospel Comes With a House Key, which advanced the idea of inviting sinners into your home to share the gospel with them.

From Butterfield’s theology of hospitality, with which we certainly had some disagreements, sprang forth a new ideology applied to transgenderism which was dubbed “pronoun hospitality.” While this term was not directly used in her book, it was an idea that became prominent within Evangelical circles including former Southern Baptist Convention president, JD Greear. View article →


Is Rosaria Butterfield Leading the Sheep Over a Cliff? By Marsha West


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