Is God Homophobic?

“Biblical teachings assert that those who have been genuinely born again shall not persist in the habitual and deliberate practice of sin, but rather, endeavor to lead lives that are pleasing to God and aligned with His divine will. Individuals who remain entrenched in unrepentant sin have clearly not experienced the life-changing power of God’s grace and forgiveness.” 

(The Dissenter) The term “homophobia,” as presently understood by our contemporary society, is a linguistic construct devised by the political and social left to characterize what they describe as an irrational fear, aversion, or discrimination against those who identify as LGBTQ+ on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender identity….

In reality, this term seeks to address the reaction to the natural stigma associated with deviant sexual behaviors, which have been divinely inscribed into the consciences of human beings by the hand of God Himself.

Grounded in the sacred scriptures, the only morally permissible sexual conduct is that which transpires within the sanctified bounds of a matrimonial union, comprising solely of one man and one woman. And though I feel I shouldn’t have to do this, to elucidate further, a woman is defined as a person who, unlike a man, lacks the presence of a Y chromosome. This traditional interpretation of marriage and gender is firmly entrenched in biblical Christian doctrine, and it is the bedrock upon which a robust and flourishing society is built.  View article →


Antinomianism Is A Serious Error And So Is Nomism by R. Scott Clark

Heresy: Antinomianism


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