‘Trans Dinosaur Expert’ Smuggles Gender Ideology Into Children’s Educational Books

“Male and female he created them…” Gen 5:2

“Riley doesn’t allow reality to prevent him from smuggling his nonsense into children’s books. The groomer never do.”

(Ben Bartee – PJ Media) Riley Black is a “trans dinosaur expert” not only in the sense of being a dinosaur expert who is also transgender. He is also an expert, or so his credentials say, on trans dinosaurs.

Here is an excerpt from Riley’s 2019 treatise on “transgender dinosaurs” in 2019, via Nature (emphases added):

Most official forms give you the binary demographic choices of ‘male’ and ‘female’, but I don’t feel comfortable assigning myself to one or the other for my gender….

I was born physiologically male, but have come to realize that I’d feel more comfortable in a more feminine body. That’s why I identify as both non-binary and trans without any sense of contradiction. Sex, gender and sexuality are inter-related, but not synonymous, which makes me all the happier that Chicago’s Field Museum in Illinois ended the ‘boy or girl?’ discussions about the  Tyrannosaurus rex specimen ‘Sue’ and opted for gender-neutral pronouns in March 2017. View article →


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