How is the Church to Treat Wolves? A Biblical Approach to False Teachings

“Rebuking and correcting false teachers is not only necessary but an essential duty of church leaders, who are responsible for protecting the flock from dangerous doctrines and standing firm in the truth.”

(The Dissenter) In the present ecclesiastical landscape, the danger of encountering false teachers who infiltrate our churches and disseminate their deceptive doctrines is a growing concern. These wolves in sheep’s clothing insinuate themselves within the congregation, sowing confusion and division, and lead countless souls astray with their facile interpretations of Scripture….

Arguably the most troubling example of this is the emergence of race baiters promulgating racial division under the guise of a so-called “woke church” movement, a term that in itself is wrapped in contentious connotations. These wolves exploit the pain of actual historical and systemic injustices to advance their destructive agenda, driving a wedge between members of the body of Christ.

In addition to those who foster racial discord, other false teachers surreptitiously introduce destructive heresies, such as the prosperity gospel, which distorts the true message of Christianity by promising material wealth and success in exchange for faith. This false doctrine appeals to the carnal desires of the human heart, leading many to pursue worldly riches rather than the ineffable treasures of God’s kingdom. View article →


Research: Discernment

CRN’s homepage contains a list of professing Christians to keep an eye on. Scroll down to WARNING. The list contains those to mark and avoid (Rom 16:17-18) 


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