Game-changing witness emerges with crucial information that could alter Daniel Penny’s destiny…

“Mr. Neely’s mental health and violent tendencies were so serious that he was previously placed on a “Top 50” list of the most at risk homeless people in the city. Local outreach workers believed he was a potential threat to himself and others.”

(Revolver) A game-changing witness has emerged in the case of Daniel Penny. Mr. Penny, known as the Marine Subway Hero, is currently facing manslaughter charges after restraining Jordan Neely, a violent homeless man who passed away in the process. According to this bombshell witness, on that fateful day aboard a New York City subway train, Mr. Neely, a career criminal, made threats to kill people before Mr. Penny intervened to subdue him….

The situation was so incredibly frightening and intense that after the incident concluded with Mr. Neely’s demise, the witness approached Mr. Penny and thanked him for his actions.

A straphanger who was on the subway when former Marine Daniel Penny placed Jordan Neely in a fatal chokehold said Thursday she’s “praying” for Penny after it was revealed the 24-year-old would face charges tied to the high-profile case…. View article →


Massive outpouring of GiveSendGo support for Daniel Penny… Soros-prosecutors must be sweating bullets…

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