The Shady Business Practices of Dallas Jenkins and The Chosen

UPDATE: The article says, “The Chosen is an LLC …” This is a mistake. In 2022 the LLC converted to a corporation. The new name is The Chosen, Inc., according to a reliable source.

(Ray Fava – Evangelical Dark Web) Dallas Jenkins has been on the defensive over allowing pride flags on his set of The Chosen, a show that dubiously claims to depict the “authentic Jesus.” On Sunday, Dallas Jenkins released a video explaining his position in allowing pride flags on his set. In that video he insisted that The Chosen was not a church or a ministry, and that it was a “for profit public company.”

It’s worth noting that Dallas Jenkins casually lies about The Chosen being a public company. The Chosen is an LLC that initially launched its product through equity crowdfunding based on a Christmas pilot Jenkins produced….

But as these shares are privately held, functioning as a democratized alternative to angel investing or venture capital fundraising.

The Chosen is undoubtedly a for profit company with an increasing shrewdness that blurs ethical lines. Whereas the first season used equity crowdfunding to raise over $13 million, the subsequent seasons would rely on the innovative pay-it-forward model offered by its distributor, Angel Studios. Angel Studios is the Mormon own distributor and (prior) funding mechanism of The Chosen. View article →


The Chosen Director Responds to Controversy, Suggests PRIDE Attire is ‘Appropriate in a Professional Environment’

Is God really the one behind ‘The Chosen,’ as the creator of the series declares? By Marsha West


The Chosen


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