Breaking! Rick Warren Loses Vote. Saddleback Church Is Officially Disfellowshipped from the SBC

(Protestia) It’s official. Despite Rick Warren making a 3-minute appeal to the convention before the final votes were cast- a nasty and tragically problematic speech that resulted in him getting cut off when he went over his time, nearly 12,000 messengers spoke and voted to uphold the decision to disfellowship Saddleback Church.

Warren has been insufferable this last week on social media, first issuing an “apology” to women on his behalf for not allowing them to be pastors, and then insulting complementarian Southern Baptists as a bunch of angry fundamentalists for also not allowing women to be pastors….

In his brief screed before the convention he argued that ‘the 1928 (SBC) churches with women on pastoral staff have not sinned’ and compared tolerance towards pastrixes to tolerance towards Calvinists. But to no avail. View article →


SBC ministers spar over women pastors, attendees select next president


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