Discerning evil powers, their pagan world order, and hold over the souls of modern men and women

“In our own time, evil Powers dominate the minds of Luciferian Western and American Globalists and wicked government leaders on the national level through the modern pagan world order that controls their hearts and actions.”

(Linda Kimball – RenewAmerica) “They who are called devils (demons; fallen powers) attempt…to seduce men from God who made them, and from Christ His first-begotten.” Justin Martyr, 2nd century A.D., Apology 58. (Crucial Questions About Spiritual Warfare, Clinton E. Arnold, p. 40)

The devils put forward Marcion of Pontus (a Gnostic teacher), who (teaches) men to deny God is the maker of all things in heaven and on earth, and that the Christ predicted by the prophets is His Son and preaches another god…and likewise another son.” Justin Martyr, 2nd century A.D., Apology 58

The small but vastly important book, “Christ and the Powers,” by Hendrik Berkhof, unleashed a wave of studies on “the powers” spoken of in the New Testament. It profoundly influenced William Stringfellow, Jacques Ellul, Marva Dawn, Walter Wink, G.B. Caird, and many others. View article →

Research: Discernment

Research: Occult-Sorcery


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