Handicapping Don and Joe

“Keep your eye on the Biden “bribe” stuff. Democrat honchos are worried about that. Obviously, the corrupt Justice Department will not aggressively investigate the Biden’s, but Congressional committees can do serious damage to the President.”

(Bill O’Reilly) From County Donegal Ireland – Many Irish think we’re crazy. In a land where political and religious division has led to thousands of violent deaths, the citizens of Eire have little time for impeachments and indictments on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Thus, there is some mention of the 37-count indictment against Donald Trump but little emotion. So what if he had nebulous documents in his basement? Few Irish even bother following the legal controversy. The Americans are divided. Now they know what it feels like.

How about President Biden? Ask the average Irish person about his recent visit here, and you’re likely to get a stare. It’s almost forgotten. In fact, Mr. Biden himself can’t even recall it. View article →



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