“Sodomonogamy” is not a good thing

(Konrad Holden – The Sentinel) The homosexuality issue is a cultural “canary in the coal mine,” as it were. If homosexuality is affirmed by conservatives, the canary is dead, and Christians had better scramble for fresher air.

But with this issue, to perhaps over-stress the analogy, discerning eyes can see the poor canary gasping long before it lays down for its final sleep.

During the 2022 season finale of Daily Wire Backstage, co-founder Jeremy Boreing said this about the US Supreme Court Obergefell decision:

One of the positive consequences of gay marriage is that probably for the first time in history a lot of gay men are considering [getting married and being monogamous].

Another Daily Wire host chimed in: “[Gay people] were forced into situations that were degrading both to them and to the society. When people were getting together in bathrooms and bathhouses and things like that, it was actually bad for society.”

The problem with this take is that the “sodomonogamy” he claims is being considered by gay men is not a positive consequence. It actually represents a further judgment on those who want to partake in this sin without its natural consequences. View article →


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