Arson in Yosemite, not climate change as claimed

“What I can tell you is this is a direct result of what is climate change. You can’t have a 10-year drought in California and expect things to be the same. And we are now paying the price for that 10-year drought and that climate change.” LOL

(Mary Dowling – Independent Sentinel) The massive fire in Yosemite, blamed on climate change – the left’s default – was caused by Democrat Edward Wackerman.

When the fire occurred, Democrats immediately said climate change caused it, but no, a Democrat did it….

Wackerman is a Democrat donor who also donated to the Lincoln Project.

The arson suspect has donated $1,775 to Democratic candidates and committees since 2020, government records show. It included $400 to the Lincoln Project, a disgraced leftist super PAC…. View article →



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