Riley Gaines Is the Hero Sane America Needs This Pride Month

“Riley Gaines has been doing stellar work advocating for female athletes. Hopefully, she will inspire many more women to become more vocal. As I repeatedly say, the LGBTQ+ fringe gets away with everything because it’s louder than everyone else. It’s time that people on the Right get loud.” 

(Stephen Kruiser – PJ Media) This week’s Pride Month 2023 weariness update features a bright spot in the pushback against the Rainbow Warrior rampage. To be sure, that pushback has had more traction of late, but there is a lot more to be done if we are one day going to reach a point where we’re not being forced to care. We’re not hateful bigots, we simply don’t want to be gagging on the rainbows being shoved down our throats every June.

The LGBTQ+ mob continues to insist that biological males who one day identify as females should be allowed to compete against actual females in sports. The people who have spent decades shrieking about fairness are now the biggest proponents of there being none of that in women’s sports. In their version of fairness, young female athletes who have trained for years are just supposed to shut up and let testosterone-loaded males run roughshod over them in competition. View article →



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