Science v. Ideology: 36 Climate Models Overestimated Warming in U.S. Corn Belt

“Climate change alarmism has been a convenient fraud for governments to increase their power and control, even while their demands hurt the economy, create power grid crises…and seem likely to make people poorer. It’s all about control, not about science. “Science” is just the propaganda cudgel used to shut down any debate.”

(Catherine Salgado – PJ Media) Facts don’t care about your fear-mongering. In an outcome completely foreseeable after 50+ years of failed climate predictions, it seems that a whopping 36 climate models overestimated warming in America’s Corn Belt — by a lot.

Longtime climate truth-teller Steve Milloy tweeted out evidence from Dr. Roy Spencer, Ph.D., a climatologist, author, and former NASA scientist. Spencer and Milloy both shared a chart showing how wildly inaccurate climate models were compared to the actual measured temperature trend from 1973 to 2022. View article →



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