PCA Passes Overture Condeming Sex-Changes For Children by 58% to 42% Vote

“Though that sounds very close, many Presbyterians opposed it not because they supported sex changes for children, but because they disagreed that it was the church’s role to petition the government over matters of public policy.”

(Protestia) The theologically conservative Presbyterian Church in America had its General Assembly last week where they passed Overture 12: Petition Government to End Sex-change Procedures for Minors. The script calls for the denomination to petition the Biden administration to “renounce the sin” of encouraging and entrenching ‘gender-affirming care’ like puberty blockers and surgical intervention in minors.

The overture states that the PCA is “joyfully and confessionally committed to the Bible’s teaching on the complementarity of men and women” and that “medical and social interventions related to so-called sex change procedures are a rejection of God’s design that will prevent his blessing, grace, and joy to be experienced.” View article →



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