Texas public universities offering women’s studies courses on witchcraft, ‘worship of the devil’

In addition to historical events, the course includes a number of satanic-oriented curricula, including studies on “Worship of the Devil,” “Witchcraft and the Law,” and “Demonic Possession and Witchcraft.”

(Christian Post) Students at publicly funded Texas universities are now able to enroll in courses about witches, black magic and the supernatural — under the guise of women’s studies.

Texas Tech University is offering Women and Gender Studies course 4301 titled “Witches, Bruxas, & Black Magic” in a course listed June 12 on the Lubbock campus’ website.

According to the course description, students will “study beliefs and practices, past and present, associated with magic, witchcraft, spirituality, magical realism, and religion.” The course curriculum will cover topics including “ritual, symbolism, mythology, altered states of consciousness, and healing.”  View article →


Research: Occult-Sorcery

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