Vanguard Church Dares SBC to Disfellowship

“There is no scientific basis to Meyers Briggs or Enneagram, nor should they be employed within the church for any reason. Moreover, they are employed by Ivy League universities as tools of discrimination (see Harvard). And Spiritual Gifts Test are equally unscientific.”

(Ray Fava – Evangelical Dark Web) The passage of the Mike Law amendment at the SBC 2023 convention, paired with the disfellowshipping of Fern Creek and Saddleback (or Brokeback) Church has sent a warning shot across the denomination to the egalitarians within….

While there are hundreds, maybe even thousands, who possess women pastors, two of the more notorious bad actors were purged from the convention. Fern Creek was more outwardly defiant, which was exhibited in Linda Popham’s speech on the convention floor. Yet the situation of Saddleback Church is more commonplace within the SBC, that while they do not employ a woman “Senior Pastor,” they compromise to feminism through titling women as “Associate Pastors” who do not supersede the male headship of the church. Another common scenario is the pastor’s wife functioning as a co-pastor. Both were present in Saddleback.

Following the convention, Tosha Lamdin Williams took to Christian Post to write her column, “A Southern Baptist pastor’s wife responds to the ‘women pastor’ issue.” Kelly Williams is the pastor of Vangaurd Church, a multi-campus megachurch in Colorado Springs, CO. This church is listed in the SBC directory. View article →


Carl Jung: psychologist or sorcerer? by Marsha West

The Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is based on occultist Carl Jung’s theories. MBTI is a personality and psychological test to see what makes people tick. Undiscerning church leaders use the MBTI to determine a person’s spiritual gifts.


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