Tucker Carlson Destroys Mike Pence, Asa Hutchinson Campaigns. Who Came Out On Top?

“One can only imagine that Trump would have performed well in an interview with Tucker Carlson.”

(Ray Fava – Evangelical Dark Web) Earlier this week, we reported that Donald Trump was skipping the Family Leadership Summit in Iowa. Six presidential rivals showed up and had varying degrees of success and a lot of fireworks. Tucker Carlson in his first televised event since Fox News was tapped to do the interviews at the Family Leadership Summit which was broadcasted by Blaze Media. So how did the candidates perform? Ranked from worst to best, here they are.

Mike Pence

Conventional wisdom might rank Asa Hutchinson’s performance below Pence’s but Pence had more support to lose than Hutchinson, and Pence did no favors for himself. Pence argued that Ukraine was not persecuting Orthodox Christians for opposing having a different opinion on the war claiming to have taken the word of an influential Ukrainian Orthodox leader. This received the first and most boos of the day in an Iowa-nice crowd, and that’s saying something as Pence was preceded by Hutchinson who will talk about in a moment. View article →



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