Witchcraft Sparkle for the Liberal Church

“The outside world needs to know that this is heretical Christianity, and that since the earliest times, the Church has confessed the Apostles’ Creed as the essence of the Christian faith, based on the eye-witness testimony of the original apostles and the teaching of Jesus.” 

(Peter Jones – truthXchange) The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, a conglomeration of Lutheran denominations, had over five million members when it was launched in 1988, joining three independent Lutheran confessions with nearly 10,000 congregations and 65 synods. But now, in spite of the word “Evangelical,” this union is in decline….

One of its churches, in Edina, Minnesota, throws a pagan sparkle into the deep meaning of “decline.” This June, Anna Helgen, an LGBT Lutheran “minister,” stood in her Lutheran pulpit, dressed in pastoral robes, and recited what she called a “Sparkle Creed” as part of the church service. This liturgy was riddled with heresy rarely, if ever, so blatantly expressed in a Christian service.

The creed began:

         “I believe in the non-binary God whose pronouns are plural.” View article →


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