Isaiah Saldivar Leads Mass Deliverance To Remove Demons that ‘Got Passed Down to You In the Womb’

“Every ancestral spirit. Every spirit that got passed down to you in the womb from your mom or your dad, I command every ancestral spirit that’s been there since the womb, Loose them! There it is. Come out in Jesus’ name!”

(Protestia) Deliverance minister Isaiah Saldivar, who is quickly becoming one of the prominent and visible representations of the charismatic right on account of a rapidly growing social media presence, continues to teach weird and wonky things to justify his raison d’être.

We’ve written about him previously after he claimed that a gospel presentation without signs and wonders is inadequate, that the Apostle Peter was demon-possessed, that Christian couples and their children can be inhabited by demons all the time, and so families should cast demons out of each other every few months, and on account of his bizarre belief that demons can still impregnate humans and make literal incubus and succubus. View article →


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