If You Were A Sheep During Covid, Admit You Were Wrong And Do Better Next Time

“The ramifications of the Covid response will be felt for decades. If we learned anything from the WEF’s “Great Reset,” it’s that Covid is no one-off. Now that our leaders have watched the majority of the population relinquish their liberties for a virus comparable for many in the general population to the seasonal flu, they’re going to whip out the Covid playbook anytime they want to scare the populace into compliance.”

(Evita Duffy-Alfonso – The Federalist) If you were one of those people who always diligently wore an ineffective mask, got the experimental vaccine and boosters, or performatively practiced social distancing, you really owe an apology to those who stood up for civil liberties during Covid and must commit to being smarter and braver in the future.

The Covid years mark what was arguably the greatest encroachment on personal freedom and bodily autonomy in the history of our country. The government decimated the American economy by forcibly closing businesses. It enacted  unethical  and anti-science mask mandates and government employee vaccine mandates, even though the Covid shots do not prevent people from spreading or contracting the virus. View article →



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