Tucker Throws Haymakers at the Regime at Turning Point Conference

“Any country that doesn’t allow a free discussion of the process by which its leaders are elected is not a democracy by definition. A country without free speech is not a democracy. You can’t have a dinner party without dinner. You can’t have a democracy without free speech, period.”

(Kevin Downey JR – PJ Media) Tucker Carlson, in a speech at the annual Turning Point Action conference that was held last weekend, continued his scorched-earth policy on D.C vermin and cluster-bombed the American politburo.

Three minutes into his remarks, Carlson mentioned “savaging Mike Pence” — to a boom of approval. It was a reference to Pence’s now infamous “that’s not my concern” response to Tucker’s suggestion that we should spend money on U.S. cities and not Ukraine.

Charlie Kirk’s tweet: Tucker Carlson just brutalized Mike Pence for prioritizing Ukraine despite a litany of social ills afflicting America: Tucker: “Where’s the concern for the United States?” Pence: “That’s not my concern. Tucker I’ve heard this routine from you before. That’s not my concern.”

Then the former Fox giant got down to business. View article →



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