Despite What Popular Evangelical Pastors Are Saying, Doubt is an Enemy of the Faith

“The weight of James 1:6-8 clearly counters the idea that doubt can harmoniously coexist with faith. The picture James paints is clear: true faith is unwavering, complete, not diluted with doubt. Doubt is not the fertile ground from which faith blossoms, but the rocky terrain that hinders its growth….”

(The Dissenter) The winds of modern thought have blown into the halls of the Church, stirring up a novel perspective that now echoes loudly from the pulpit to the pews. The perception that doubt is a beneficial, even necessary, component of faith has started to hold sway. This novel viewpoint is articulated by the words of Rich Villodas who posts on Twitter:

“Doubt is not the enemy of faith. It’s the ground out of which faith often emerges. Faith requires us to venture into mystery. There’s no certitude in mystery. Doubt and faith are companions on the journey.” View article →


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