There Are No More Apostles

(Rick Becker – Famine in the Land) The proliferation of contemporary “apostles and prophets” is the result of a narrative that’s been pushed for decades – the restoration of the offices of apostle and prophet to the church. If this were true, then God has failed his church by depriving it of two essential forms of ministry. Furthermore, if God has restored the office of apostle, then contemporary apostles who claim to hold the office should meet the biblical qualifications, if they don’t, they’re self-appointed false apostles.

Thayer’s Greek Lexicon gives the following definition of the word apostle in scripture (ἀπόστολος): “a delegate, messenger, one sent forth with orders. Specially applied to the twelve disciples whom Christ selected…In a broader sense the name is transferred to other eminent Christian teachers; as Barnabas.”…

Barnabas and other apostles mentioned in the New Testament, apart from the original apostles (including Matthias and Paul) did not hold the office of Apostle (capitalized when referring to the office). The office of an Apostle was unique and restricted. Their commission was extraordinary, and they alone had been delegated special authority and had to meet specific requirements to hold the office. This article examines the claim that the office of apostle has been restored.

Contents of this article:

• The office of Apostle based on texts in Ephesians.

• The biblical qualifications to hold the office.

• The contemporary movement promulgating the restoration of the offices of apostle and prophet.

• Clarification that they are indeed referring to the office of apostle.

• How modern-day apostles deal with (or ignore) the biblical qualifications for the office.

• The crucial role modern-day apostles play in the movement.

• The attraction – why is this a coveted position?

• Conclusion

Extra content – a brief look at the office of a prophet for those who wonder if it still exists – since the office of Apostle has ceased.  View article →


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