Redeemed Zoomer Goes Full Darwinist

UPDATE below.

(Ray Fava – Evangelical Dark Web) One of the most prominent Christian YouTube channels right now is Redeemed Zoomer who stands at a whopping 125K subs on the platform. His most popular content is animated explainers on Christianity. However, he is also working on an ambitious plan to save apostate denominations. Redeemed Zoomer believes that protestants can reconquer these denominations by outlasting the heretics. Thus, the more beautiful church buildings in more prominent real estate will be restored to Bible teaching. On Conversations That Matter, Redeemed Zoomer made a compelling case for his Reconquista strategy, and he is active in this effort in the Presbyterian Church USA….

Ultimately, Redeemed Zoomer wants to restore the PCUSA to adherence to the Westminster Confession of Faith. However, Redeemed Zoomer has some internalized liberalism that undermines his ability to achieve this outcome in any meaningful way.

It became apparent when he posted an affirmation of the Big Bang. It’s worth noting that the Big Bang is not compatible with a day-age interpretation of Genesis 1 nor Young Earth Creationism as the plants preceded the stars. View article →


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