The heart of the shepherd and the essential church

The viewer will walk away from “The Essential Church” with the sense that each of these three men, in the words of the prophet Jeremiah, have “a burning fire shut up in their bones” that compels them to fulfill their ministries no matter the personal cost.

(Ben Zeisloft – The Sentinel) We far too often forget that only three years ago, government officials in the United States and other Western nations were closing churches, restricting the activities permitted during worship services, and threatening ministers with imprisonment. “The Essential Church,” a feature-length documentary made by Grace Productions and starring Grace Community Church Pastor John MacArthur, seeks to bring those harrowing memories back to the forefront of the nation’s mind.

The film, slated for release this weekend in select theaters across the country, draws the viewer back into the chaos which emerged during the lockdowns. Against a backdrop of devastating government mandates and social upheaval, the two-hour and six-minute film recounts decisions that every churchman in the West will instantly recognize: how to properly apply biblical principles about the church and the state to unlawful public health mandates, whether to comply with the mandates in light of such realities, and how to approach church members and leaders who would rather continue masking, social distancing, and conducting services online. View article →



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