‘On the Same Team’: DOJ Exposed for Colluding With Hunter Biden’s Legal Team

“Former U.S. Attorney, Brett Tolman, says the U.S. attorney’s office in Delaware has a tough choice to make right now. They could dismiss this thing and admit they’re a protection racket for the Bidens or they could restore the legitimacy of the department’s reputation and do something more substantial. Either way, they have a month and what happens at the end of that month, will tell us everything we need to know.”

(Katie Pavlich – Townhall) It’s been 24-hours since Hunter Biden entered a Delaware courtroom expecting to walk away without jail time and a codification of his sweetheart plea deal offered by the Department of Justice — wiping away felony tax fraud and a felony gun charge with minor misdemeanors and a diversion program.

“As he entered the courtroom, Mr. Biden drew a deep breath and plunged forward to greet the prosecutors who investigated him for five years with handshakes and a smile,” the New York Times reported about the scene. View article →


BREAKING: Brave Judge REJECTS Hunter Biden Sweetheart Plea Deal


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