Refuting Queer Theology in the Church: The Queering of Scripture and God

“These proponents of queer theology, in their quest for a gender-fluid understanding of God, are desperately twisting the Scripture, venturing into uncharted territories laden with speculative and unsubstantiated theories. They are attempting to chart a new gospel of perversion, detached from the entirety of God Himself, and then using the name of God to affirm their own rebellion against Him.”

(The Dissenter) In an era where absurdity appears to have become the new norm, an article at New Ways Ministry titled Queer Theory and Theology Can Help Widen Church’s Understandings of God and Creation epitomizes this trend with stunning arrogance. The claims made in this hit piece against orthodox, biblical Christianity are, to put it mildly, bewildering—even disorienting.

The author suggests that we can bolster our understanding of God and humanity through the adoption of queer theory and queer theology, proposing an exodus from the firmly entrenched concepts of male and female as if sound reason and the objective truth of the Bible are up for negotiation, able to be traded in for the latest societal theory du jour. View article →


Research: Progressive (Social Justice) ‘Christianity’


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