Biden’s Corruption Implicates the Entire Political Establishment

(Matthew Boose – American Greatness) The basic contours of the Biden family’s corruption scandal have been known for years, but the details have been suppressed. What the public knows, it knows despite the efforts of the media, the Democrats, and the “intelligence community” to bend, twist, and bury the truth. For instance, it is no secret that Biden pressured Ukraine to fire a prosecutor who was investigating his son’s business partners. In fact, Biden bragged about it. But in the conventional narrative, Biden was doing this not out of personal interest, but as part of an institutional effort to root out corruption. This is the kind of obtuse, self-serving nonsense that passes for “journalism” today.

Far from being “debunked,” the Biden corruption “conspiracy theory” has never received a full and fair hearing. In 2020, Hunter Biden’s trove of damning emails were falsely labeled Russian propaganda and censored days before the election. Behind the scenes, the FBI and DOJ knew the infamous laptop was real. The DOJ blocked a search of Biden’s guest house because of the worrying “optics,” according to a pair of IRS whistleblowers (Donald Trump, of course, received no such courtesy). The federal investigation of Hunter Biden was blocked at every stage, until culminating, three years into his father’s presidency, in a sweetheart plea deal that has since unraveled in court. View article →



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