Climate Crazies Have Discovered That Summertime Is Hot

“As a kid in the 1970s, I was constantly told that global cooling and overpopulation were the twin assassins that would soon be finishing off Earth and humanity. Here in the third decade of the 20th century, I’ve lost count of how many extinction events we’ve survived since I was an adolescent. I’m starting to get the feeling that nothing can do us in.”

(Stephen Kruiser – PJ Media) “Weather isn’t climate,” is a popular refrain among members of the Climate Cult whenever a sane person points out that the weather is out of sync with their doomsday scenarios. When the weather does fit their narrative du jour, however, it’s climate.

They’ve been on this see-saw for decades now. The summer of 2023 in the northern hemisphere is a little toastier than usual so — PRESTO! — weather is climate again. It’s easy to make things up when you’re on the side of the political aisle that has decided that words have no meanings and absolute truths are for suckers. View article →



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