Chris Hodges: God Does Not Damn Anyone, Satan Does!

Chris Hodges makes the mistake of being nicer than God, and this is reflected in his professed statement that “God is a blesser” and that “God doesn’t damn anything.”

(Ray Fava – Evangelical Dark Web) For Alabama megachurch pastor Chris Hodges, July brought an abundance of headlines featuring his name. Church of The Highlands (COTH) is one of the largest megachurches in America, with over 20 locations throughout Alabama. COTH’s pastoral restoration center, called The Lodge, garnered recent scrutiny over whether sexually deviant pastors were being “restored” at the church’s facility, which is located on one of their campuses….

This was mainly due to COTH previously having Micahn Carter on staff, who was accused of raping his former assistant, forcing him to resign in 2021. The timing coincided with the construction of the Lodge and questions surrounding allusions Hodges made in a sermon. Aside from the extravagance, this is the main reason the Lodge has attracted renewed scrutiny. The second major headline involved Hodges’s ARC (Association of Related Churches) allegedly orchestrating a takeover of Celebration Church in Jacksonville, FL.

With all these headlines, it becomes appropriate to survey the preaching of Chris Hodges, which is more important and impactful than lawsuits and media driven scandals. Given that Chris Hodges was a March 2020 verdict, periodic follow up is imperative, especially when combined with recent developments or headlines. Of late, he has been preaching a series on Daniel. In surveying a few of his sermons, this anecdote he deployed into his sermon was the most errant, heterodox statement uttered. View article →


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