‘I Literally Look Like Minnie Mouse!’: Disney Partners With Crossdressing TikTok Star to Push Girls’ Apparel

“For those who might be in shock at the level of degeneracy unfolding in our current culture, this is a dude who dresses like a lady telling young children how to dress up like a fictional female mouse. If you look up “insanity” in the dictionary, there should be a link to this video. No other explanation is needed.”

(Michael Cantrell – PJ Media) Just when you think the world cannot get any wackier, Disney says, “Hold my Bud Light” and totally proves you wrong. According to a new report from Breitbart News, the Walt Disney Company has followed in the footsteps of what was once the most popular beer brand in the world by creating a partnership with a crossdressing TikTok influencer to help promote apparel for girls, specifically Minnie Mouse-themed clothing featuring a red dress, yellow pumps, and a red hair bow.

Anyone else want to get off this ride now? I’m ready to jump ship; how about you?

Seann Altman, the TikTok influencer in question, is a biological male who identifies as “gender fluid.” Altman put together a video for the social media platform to promote Disney Style, the company’s social media brand that is now promoting Disney-themed clothing, makeup, and other kinds of accessories. View article →




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