The Chosen Cast Members Say Jesus Was ‘Flawed’ and That He Committed ‘Transgressions’ (Sin)

(The Dissenter) Anyone who still believes that the popular television show, The Chosen, is a Christian television show is deceiving themselves. While Christians and churches have been entranced by this show for the last several years, many of us have been sounding the alarm about the unbiblical and even subtle heretical propaganda that is being pushed by it. This show exists for the sole purpose of distorting the gospel and dishonoring God and His word.

The word “transgression” finds its roots in a concept that denotes the act of crossing over or stepping beyond a set boundary or limit….

Biblically speaking, the word is derived from the Hebrew word “pesha” and the Greek term “parabasis,” both of which allude to violations or overstepping of a line, and is often employed to describe acts that defy God’s commandments and moral edicts. At its core, to transgress is to deviate from what is right, to err intentionally, and to breach God’s laws. Such a departure from God’s law is what the Bible characterizes as “sin.” View article →


Is God really the one behind ‘The Chosen,’ as the creator of the series declares?


The Chosen


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