Hypocrite Pastors Who Complain About Trump, But Refuse to Complain About Democrats

“It is impossible to make the case that voting for Democrats or supporting their pro-abortion, pro-LGBTQ, anti-Christian policies and platform is not sinful. It is. And this is where the hypocrisy of these pastors and church leaders comes into play.” 

(The Dissenter) One of my favorite follows on Twitter is Woke Preacher Clips (WPC). I’m the kind of person who is mildly entertained by the mass amounts of stupidity plaguing our world, but at the same time, I grieve over it in the hopes that God will open the eyes of some of these people. It’s really not funny, it’s just how some people process such a sad reality….

Nonetheless, it is important to be informed on the state of our reality so we know how to navigate the waters.

One recent clip I saw that WPC posted is a former PCA pastor who went on The Gospel Coalition to brag about how he disciplined a bunch of Trump-supporting members of his church who left because he made life difficult for them. Here’s the clip: View article →


Research: Progressive (Social Justice) ‘Christianity’


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