Seeking Counsel

“The tone of this column is cynical, I’m aware. But this entire Biden thing is bogus. The fix was in from the beginning, with Hunter not paying his taxes and generally behaving like a cartel member. The corrupt press helped Hunter out. The Justice Department didn’t care.”

(Bill O’Reilly) Attorney General Merrick Garland is scared. So is FBI Chief Christopher Wray. But most frightened of all should be President Joe Biden. I say should because, at this point, he might not understand or even remember how he enabled his son and brother to amass millions in foreign payments for doing nothing.

That is called “influence peddling.” There are a variety of federal statutes in place to discourage dishonesty.

As has been widely reported, Vice-President Biden under Barack Obama spent time chatting and meeting with a variety of foreign nationals doing “business” with Hunter and Jim Biden. Joe says it was harmless chit-chat. He loudly proclaims he never helped his son and brother, who were grifting foreign enterprises using the “Big Guy’s” name. View article →



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