The New Tower of Babel

“Had we kept our universal language, who knows what further mischief our ruling sinners might have devised? But God knew, and nipped it in the bud.” 

(Lee Duigon – News With Views) CNN—didn’t that use to be a news network?—is going to teach us plebs how to use “neo-pronouns,” avoiding the utterance of such fighting words as “he” or “she”. We have to learn to say “ze” and “zyr” and anything else Our Betters have dreamed up lately.

The pro-choice mob demands we choose to obey. You have to give them credit for being generous with their delusions—they certainly don’t want to keep them to themselves.

CNN’s “lessons” will be provided by the Human Rights Campaign, “HRC” for short. Wait a minute—doesn’t that stand for “Hillary Rodham Clinton,” too? I find this darkly sinister, way too on-target to be a coincidence. But which is the head and which is the tail? View article →



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