Apostasy of the Modern Church and the Immutable Righteousness of God

“The Bible does not explicitly state how or when God will judge the American Church, but it’s clear from Scripture that nothing is off the table. The shadows are lengthening, and the warnings continue to resonate through the pages of Scripture.”

(The Dissenter) In an era marked by uncertainty and a drift away from biblical truth, the warnings and judgments found in the pages of Scripture serve as grave reminders to us. These historical accounts are not merely tales of a bygone era but resounding calls to fidelity and obedience. They beckon us to recognize the danger of departing from the foundational teachings of the faith….

Within the contemporary church, there’s an alarming trend of professing allegiance to Christ, yet neglecting or even contradicting His commands in daily practice. This duality mirrors the biblical warnings given to ancient Israel, warnings that resonate with urgency for us today.

This reflection reveals a disconcerting trend within the American Church, especially within modern Evangelicalism, a trend that leads us to contemplate the ways in which the church has abandoned the clear and undeniable truth of Scripture and the consequences of such abandonment. It’s a matter that requires our utmost attention as it relates to the very integrity of our faith and the authenticity of our witness in a world desperately in need of the truth. View article →



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