Surrender childish ways

“I am saying that there should be a hierarchy of priorities that come before we rest. If placed on a scale, our work should far outweigh our play. God, work, and our families should all take precedence over play. If at any point childish ways replace any of these, you have a problem.”

(Luke Pierson – The Sentinel) What does it mean to speak, think, and reason like a child?

Children live in the present. They are selfish and impulsive, and they act without considering future ramifications. They have no concept of the burden of obligation, nor responsibility, nor making sacrifices for those they love.

Adults, on the other hand, should not only consider the here and now, but also look to the future. They should act selflessly and deliberately while considering the future ramifications of their decisions. They should very intimately know what it is like to carry the burden of responsibility for themselves and for others, and they should embrace the idea of sacrificially loving those under their care. Adults should be able to process information, weigh their options, and value end results more than immediate and temporal gratification. View article →



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