This video proves Walt Disney is rolling over in his grave…

(Revolver) If you’ve been paying even the slightest attention, you’ll notice that Disney has undergone a dramatic transformation in a relatively short span. We’ve transitioned from classics like Beauty and the Beast to modern interpretations like Snow Brown and the Seven Diverse People at breakneck speed. What we’re seeing today is a far cry from Walt Disney’s original vision and values. He’d likely be turning in his grave if he knew what was happening. While the debate rages on about why Disney has changed, be it the influence of “Karen” feminists in HR and marketing departments or pressure from global agendas like the WEF’s equity program, what often goes overlooked is the fact that Disney’s shift reflects a larger societal issue: American kids just aren’t being kids anymore.

Can you really blame today’s kids for the lack of innocence? Instead of daydreaming about being knights or princesses or diving into fairytales about chatty woodland critters, they’re bombarded with adult-level issues. These kids are navigating a world that’s loaded with radical social and political ideologies, and there’s nowhere for them to hide. Want a fairy tale? Now it’s a twerking drag queen reading the story. Pledging allegiance? Try doing that to a rainbow flag. Math class? Get ready to hear that one man plus one man somehow equals two women. So, amidst all the political white noise and “woke” agendas, it’s easy to overlook the real tragedy here: left-wing adults are robbing kids of their childhoods, all under the false guise of “progress.” Walt Disney must be doing backflips in his grave, as a matter of fact, this video showing Walt’s passionate side, proves it. View article →



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