Dr. Fauci Knows Masks Don’t Work- Wear Them Anyway

“Fauci did a lot of damage pushing the masks, basically forcing mandates even though he claims they only recommend. They recommended knowing they’d become mandates.”

(Mary Dowling – Independent Sentinel) Dr. Fauci’s back to telling people to wear masks based on his opinion. He claims the evidence at the population level isn’t strong, but doesn’t cite any evidence they work at all. He never does.

The masks caused a lot of harm, and he’s largely responsible for it.

Watch the video on the site.

The Cochrane Review

The interviewer brought up the Cochrane definitive study of masks. The researchers reviewed all the literature and found masks did nothing. Fauci knows all about it, but still won’t tell the truth. He continues to lie. The man is a grifter.

The Cochrane review, led by Oxford epidemiologist Tom Jefferson, found no evidence that masks make any difference in reducing the spread of respiratory illness, including COVID-19. View article →



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