Jesus Calling Author, Sarah Young Now Knows Who Was Really Calling, and It Wasn’t Jesus

“The theological deviations in Jesus Calling are not minor nuances, but major aberrations that alter the core message of Christianity. The Gospel is a narrative of cosmic redemption, a narrative rooted in the unconditional sovereignty of God, the total depravity of man, and the unmerited grace extended through Jesus Christ. Young’s book instead pushes for a personalized, therapeutic form of spirituality that is man-centered rather than God-centered. This is not merely a different interpretation—it’s a grave theological error with severe consequences.”

(The Dissenter) Upon hearing of the passing of Sarah Young last week, I made a decision to wait a few days before commenting on the tragic reality. Not because I believed I had to, but rather so these words would not get lost in the news cycle. I also know how people are in these situations and many would refuse to heed the words of warning because of some ingrained, albeit erroneous belief that there must be a waiting period between the death of an apostate and speaking the truth. Last Thursday night, Sarah Young, author of the infamous Jesus Calling series, passed away of cancer at 77—Sarah Young was an apostate.

In the wake of Young’s passing, a solemn, introspective moment is warranted for those who find themselves immersed in the theology presented in her bestselling devotional, Jesus Calling. The book, undeniably influential in mainstream Christianity, carries a troubling underpinning that must be unflinchingly scrutinized—especially now. At issue is the presumptuous notion that Young was conveying the inspired words of Jesus Christ, echoing the divine revelation given to the authors of Holy Scripture. This notion is not only rash and foolhardy but also grievously distorts the Gospel and the nature of Biblical inspiration. View article →



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